Balancer Rev A - Schematics

GIFs of the paper copies of the schematics I received with my Balancer kit (quite legible and small for fast downloading; when printing from Windows, make sure to select the 'fit to page' printer option, otherwise they tend to print off huge):

PDFs of the original ORCAD schematic files (prettier, but much larger; good for ability to zoom in and read any fine print that you couldn't quite make out on the GIFs or your own paper copies):

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Revision History:

06 Sep 2009: Relocated Rev B info elsewhere.
05 Apr 2009: Updated with latest Rev B files.
23 Apr 2007: Updated with rev B relay board files.
22 Sep 2002: .PDF versions of original ORCAD files added (thanks Richard Bebbington & Chris Tromley)!
05 Aug 2002: Initial revision. Only .GIF images of paper copies available.