Parts Sources

Listed below are links to sources for some of the parts required to complete the Balancer:

All Electronics:
various parts
control board relays K16,K17; relay board relays K1-8
Circuit Specialists:
diode bridge D30, DB9 mounting hardware
various discrete parts, plus relays K18-20
shunt (Deltec MKA-50-50)
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc.:
relay board fuses F1-9
Mouser Electronics:
various parts
Jameco Electronics:
various parts, plus Metex ME-21 RS-232 DMM, and DB9 female-to-female cables
aluminum enclosures for the Balancer PCBs; 1444-28 (16"x8"x3") for the control board (rev A), and 1444-18 (13.5"x5"x2") for each relay board (rev A).
[NOTE: 12 Aug 2002: Lee says a populated relay board is 1.375" tall plus 0.25-0.5" for standoffs and a control board is 2.25" tall with the Vicor mounted on its bottom side. If the Vicor is not used, or if C7 on the top side of the board is laid on its side (or a shorter version substituted), then the control board will also easily fit into a 2" tall enclosure (the 1444-26, 16"x8"x2").]
Basic Stamp micro-controllers, programming software, and documentation
BatMod DC/DC

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23 Apr 2007: Updated with Rev B relay board parts list.
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