Cat Calls

by Lee A. Hart

High overhead on a slender bough,
I hear her voice; she's calling me now.
How did you get up there anyhow?
Just get me down, meow!

Watching an action flick; sock, boom, pow!
But there's a thud, what's she up to now?
Get off the table; that ham's my chow.
Then feed me now, meow!

Peacefully dreaming in bed, but now,
I'm hit in the chest; oh holy cow!
Bright little eyes saying, "Catch me now."
It's time to play, meow!


This poem is about Minnie, my wife's little tortoise shell cat. She was the sweetest little thing, but definitely a "night person". One of her joys was to carry a marble into the bathtub, and bat it around at 3am.

A poem by Lee A. Hart, © 1984-2021 by Lee A. Hart. Created 3/6/2012. Last updated 1/24/2021.
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