The Accumulator's Apprentice

by Lee A. Hart

zenyourden garage cartoon

Closets, garages, and basements are all full of...

Somebody paid a grand; I paid a dollar for...

I know I've got it, but what did I do with it?

Piled high, mountains of junk are everywhere.
All of my time, and all of my money are buried in...

How will it end ???


My friend Herb Johnson sent me a note around Halloween in 1996 on his various surplus bargains (?) titled "Grot, grot, grot, grot" (British slang for stuff that's almost but not quite junk). That prompted my twisted brain to devise these words for "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" music by Paul Dukas (used in the Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice segment in the movie "Fantasia").

Hey, this is better than my first thought. Imagine the Monty Python Spam skit set in a dingy warehouse, with a couple talking to the clerk. The husband says, "Got any good grot?" and the staff start singing "Grot, grot, grot, grot, lovely grot, wonderful grot, grot, grot, grot..." as the wife keeps yelling, "Stop! I hate grot! Shut up!"

A poem by Lee A. Hart, © 1984-2023 by Lee A. Hart. Created 3/6/2012. Last updated 4/6/2023.
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