Hoarfrost in Minnesota 2021

January, Minnesota

by Lee A. Hart

High winds,
White sky,
Snow fills the air.
Drive if you dare.

Bright sun,
Blue sky,
White sparkling snow.
It's ten below.

Black sky,
Bright stars,
No moon tonight.
Watch Northern lights.

Warm spell,
Strange rain,
Ice everywhere.
Walk if you dare.

It's the song of the season.
Hear old Winter blow!
The snowflakes are dancing.
A wonderful show!


This poem was inspired by the joys and pains of winter in Minnesota. Many people think it must be miserable here in winter. But they forget that wherever they live, they spend almost all their time indoors anyway!

So relax. Dress for the weather, and get out and enjoy the beauty of Nature in all her splendor!

A poem by Lee A. Hart, © 1984-2023 by Lee A. Hart. Created 3/6/2012. Last updated 2/26/2023.
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